Published On: Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

Pain And Suffering Threats Given Over UN Sanctions Vote By North Korea

After US moved to UN security council, North Korea issued the threats to the America that the country will face a heavy destruction if UN put more sanctions over them and if this happens, then these sanctions will be more worst for Pyongyang.


The statement issued by the North Korean government that the country is ready to face the more sanctions on them from the United Nation Security Council.

United States requested to the council to put more critical sanctions on Pyongyang and according to North Korea they will teach such a lesson to US that they never faced before.

US and North Korea have many clashes, from a long time both countries are talking about the war as many of times it was said by North Korea.

That they will attack on US with their ballistic missiles and recently they have tested many advanced missiles which are thought to be most powerful ever made by them.

United Nation Security council meeting is in New York on Monday, there are many rumors about the meeting results.

While North Korea has said they are ready to face the sanctions but if that will against them brutally then Pyongyang will do such a things with US that are never face by them and US will pay high prices for extreme sanctions.

Foreign Ministry of North Korea released a statement on early Monday that in UN meeting in New York, if the Security Council put massive sanctions over them, then US pay for that act.

Again North Korea threatened to the USA but now situation is more critical as UN is going to put sanctions on all oil as well as on gas exports of the country and on other side, North Korea has said to America that ready for pain that they will get from Pyongyang.

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