Published On: Tue, May 8th, 2018

Pakistani Family To Attend Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding As Special Guests

Indian one of the hottest women, Sonam Kapoor is on way to exchange wedding ring to Anand Ahuja in Mumbai at an overgenerous ceremony, they also have invited a British-Pakistani family as special guests to the event in their wedding.


Entrepreneurs brothers as Nabeel and Aneel Musarrat from Manchester, have left their home to become part of Anil Kapoor’s daughter’s wedding at Mumbai, surly would be impressive experience for them.

Aneel Musarrat is Manchester-based businessman who has been donated money to PTI leader Imran Khan frequently, not only this, even he has arranged fundraising events for Khan’s charities, NAMAL college and Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Aneel Musarrat has also recently (ten days ago) organized an event to raise funds for Khan’s future activities regarding its charities, were also in London to address people.


Aneel’s family will be feeling honor as special guest at Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s wedding because they are only Pakistani clan who was invited to become part of Anil Kapoor’s cheerfulness.

We also have learnt from the Indian news agencies, the British-Pakistani families have flown from homeland to Mumbai after packing days’ dresses and other things.

It also has been said that Anil Kapoor has also invited some other friends from the entire world who make her daughter’s wedding more memorable. Mr. Kapoor have reportedly dispatched invitation letters to 250 special guests.

It seems to be Anil wants to create an example of love by inviting Pakistani family as well to deliver the message of love and peace.


However, Aneel and Nabeel’s clan will be attending the full length of wedding programs and will be there for four days. After landing at Mumbai Kapoor’s family welcomed them warmly and everyone is so busy to making preparation of upcoming event.

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