Published On: Tue, Jan 30th, 2018

Pentagon Claims, Russian Fighter Jet Flies Over Black Sea Within 5 Feet Of US Navy Plane Feet

Russian Jet fighter crossed the U.S. Navy reconnaissance within five feet over Black sea plane in international airspace, State Department of United States called out Russia on this dangerous pass of their fighter jet on Monday.


It is reported by the American pilots that Russian jet flew within 5 feat of the US Navy plane as told by two officials on Monday and due to this Russian fighter dangerous pass,.

US reconnaissance canceled the mission on Monday as official told and State Department reported their protest on breaking the international law by Moscow.

United States and Russia have many clashes because of their policies, both were worst enemies of each other in once a time as they have also fought a cold war.

Now many of times both countries have conflicts which show their perspectives regarding their issues and now on Monday Russian jet fight broke the international law.

On Monday it is claimed by state department that Russian Jet fighter has broken the international airspace law as they flew over US navy plane within a short distance which is a dangerous act by Moscow.

This will has increased the tensions because of this action may be America will take the immediate action against Russia.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in the statement that they called out the Russian on such these unsafe and dangerous actions while these acts may resulted in miscalculation which will be dangerous for both crews.

According to the US officials that US navy plane cancelled its mission because of the Russian Jet fighter dangerous pass within 5 feet over Black sea and they have broken the international space law while US state department has called out the Moscow on this unsafe action.

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