Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2017

Philippine Aircraft Crash: US Navy Ends The Search For Three Missing Sailors In Sea

After the crash of the United States aircraft in the Philippines Sea, US Navy has ended the search of three missing sailors while the plane was crashed on Wednesday and Japan along American Navy had started the rescue and search operation.

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In quick response after the accident, eight people were rescued while some of the crew along many passengers was in the aircraft during crash.

The plane went down after coming back from the military drills in Western Pacific while the Navy officials issued the statement on Friday that the crash took place on Wednesday and the search operation has ended.

The aircraft C-2A “Greyhound” that crashed on Wednesday was being in used by US navy as a carrier or for the transfer while the eight people who were rescued in quick response action are now in better condition.

And according to the Navy’s 7th Fleet that three sailors are missing while their names are still pending to show to media.

This plan is known as twin-propeller plane which crashed about 500 nautical miles of southeast of Okinawa while according to reports, plane was bringing back the cargo and passengers from Japan to the aircraft.

The USS Reagan and Japanese Navy were included in the exercises when this crash came to occur on Wednesday.

According to Rear Adm. Marc Dalton, commander, Task Force 70 that the Navy is thankful of the rapid force for their quick response.

While their prayers are with all families and friends of those people or passengers who have lost in crash and this statement was released on Thursday.

Navy officials released the statement on Friday that the search operation which was for the missing sailors has been ended and the names of them are behind the scenes because of further notifications.


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