Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

Philippines War Night: Police Killed 32 Suspected Drug Dealers In Bloody Night

Police of the Philippine is n action against the drug dealers in the country, as 32 suspected drug dealers have killed by the security forces in one night across one province, police raided in different areas and killed he dealers on Tuesday night.


Tuesday night is proved as bloodiest night as dozens of drug dealers have been killed by the security forces of Philippine, many undercover agents of the police were involved in recognition of area where drug dealers were hidden and according to reports across one province police raided and killed 32 drug dealers who were the enemy of the country.

Bulacan is the province where dealers were killed on Tuesday, it is a province of Philippines which is situated in the island of Luzon, police raided at night on the drug dealers across the province and they killed them as they had shootout orders from officials.

Police as conducted about 66 missions across the regions in which dozens of undercover agents are included.

They illegally deal with the drug dealers to purchase drug and through this they came to know about their residence and till now police has killed about 3200 suspected dealers across the country who are the enemies of the country.

According to Bulacan Provincial Director Senior Superintendent Romeo Caramat Jr that they started the buy bust missions across the province in order to save the area from drugs, he said that twenty from the missions and 14 searches include the gun fire situations.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte came o power in June 2016, he is very determined to clear the country from drugs.

In the country there are heavy punishments for drug dealers and according to a report since 2016, 3400 drug dealers and users of drugs have been killed in a drug war.

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