Published On: Sat, Aug 19th, 2017

Police Says, One Officer Has Killed While One Is Injured In Kissimmee Shooting

Police chief reported that in McLaren Circle due to suddenly shooting attack one officer has injured while one is serious injured who has transferred to hospital and according to reports they were there to respond a call in Palmway and Cypress streets.


It is reported that both police officers were responding a emergency call to 911 in Kissimmee, they went in the area of Palmway on a suspicious note but misfortunes there.

They faced the shots of bullets, one of two has dead while other is in critical situation and police department officers found their mates when they visited that area in search of them.

Kissimmee is known as one of the most famous cities of the country Osceola County which is situated in Florida, Jim Swan is the mayor of city, on Friday night two officers of Florida State were shot when they were in search of a suspicious call on round in the areas of Cypress and Palmway.

The police chief Jeff O’Dell told in a statement on Saturday morning that the officers were in areas of Kissimmee when they have shot, the attack was done suddenly, so they didn’t have time for return fire, they were in search of a drug activity and according to him officers were shocked on that time.

Two officers of Kissimmee police Sam Howard and Matthew Baxter have shot on Friday night when they were in search of a drug activity because they received a suspicious call on 911; the shooting was in an ambush way so they didn’t get opportunity to return fire.

The officer Matthew has died in hospital after shot while the other man Howard is in critical situation, according to department three suspects have been caught and they are heartbroken due to this sad news that they have lost their one brother.

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