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Top 10 Powerful Military Commander Generals In The World 2018

Military of nay nation plays massive role to protect the motherland and its people but every country’s army doesn’t play well role because of having lack of equipments, impressive budget to fulfill their requirements, and to have advance heavy weapons like missiles, bombs, to tackle well enemy.

There are some nations who have weak military as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and some others, reason why there is unrest, some opposition parties have been funding organizations are known for their bad act like suicide bombings, slaying people, and others. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is on top for performing brutal acts.

Only army can protect nations inside and troubles from outside, and to stabilize all conditions, here we are going to talk about those nations carrying best armies with intelligent, well-mannered, and bold but powerful military commander generals who made their troops most-valuable. A good military general understand well the conditions and how to tackle with critical circumstances using its security force for the betterment and safety of country and people.

So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Powerful Military Commander Generals In The World 2018

10.Jean-Pierre Bosser (France)

Jean-Pierre Bosser is one of the most powerful military commander generals who commands the 8th Marine Infantry Parachute, is a French Général d’armée. He was born on 14 November, 1959 at Versailles, has been serving its nation as Chief of Staff of the Army since September 1, 2014. He was student at the Saint-Cyr Military High School (Lycée militaire de Saint-Cyr), and later at Saint-Cyr Military Special School and then elected the infantry application school at Montpellier. He has served his nation as a section (platoon) chief and paratrooper instructor from 1982 to 1985, assistant officer then commandant of a company between 1986 and 1990, and finally after being nominated to Colonel on October 1 2000, in quality as a regimental commander from 2011 to 2003.


9.Bipin Rawat (India)

General Bipin Rawat, UYSM, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, is the 27th Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army, also part of the most influential military general in the world because performed praiseworthy duties since took charge office on 31 December 2016 after retirement of General Dalbir Singh. Indian people must proud to have most efficient army commander who is conducting its security forces in right direction. In all critical situation, Rawat did disappoint his nation, was 26 Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) of the Indian Army. He had also been served his nation as the Vice Chief of the Army Staff (VCOAS) before assuming army general.


8.Vincent K Brooks (South Korea)

Vincent Keith Brooks also known as Vincent K Brooks is a United States Army general who is performing his honest duties for motherland for years, was the commanding general of Third Army. He was born on 24 October, 1958 in Anchorage, Alaska, United States, is also acting recently as commander of United States Forces Korea, United Nations Command and ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command. Brooks had been shown his best as commanding general of the United States Army Pacific f=before taking charge of his current position. He was appointed the United States Army’s Deputy Director of Operations during the conflict in Iraq.


7.Volker Wieker (Germany)

Volker Wieker is the former Chief of Staff and also among the most powerful Military Commander Generals globally because of having tremendous career. He is is the former Chief of Staff of the Bundeswehr, a general of the German Army and the German armed forces. However, he has been awarded by so many titles during his career such as Armed Forces Deployment Medal, IFOR (1996), Armed Forces Deployment Medal, KFOR (2001), Armed Forces Deployment Medal, ISAF (2010), and many others. After trained as an artillery officer, Wieker served in every major foreign Bundeswehr deployment since 1996, as well as Kosovo, Afghanistan and Bosnia.


6.Katsutoshi Kawano (Japan)

Katsutoshi Kawano appeared to be one of the most influential Military Commander Generals so far, is a Japanese admiral who has been serving his nation as Joint Staff, the highest-ranking officer of the Japan Self-Defense Forces since 15 October 2014 and the 5th Chief of Staff. Before electing for recent post, he had been performing his duties as the 31st Chief of Staff of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. Against his honest and bold commandeering, has been awarded by Legion of Merit, Order of Abdulaziz Al Saud (Saudi Arabia), while Japanese loves him a lot as he has been playing massive role in security inside the country and outside.


5.Hulusi Akar (Turkey)

Hulusi Akar is a four-star Turkish Armed Forces general, part of our list of top 10 powerful military commander generals in the world. Akar is so disciplined, well-minded and smart army officer, was born 17 January 1952 in Kayseri, Turkey, is performing meaningful job for Turkey as the 29th Chief of the General Staff, came out as the highest-ranking army officer in the Turkish Armed Forces. He is authorized to monitor all service branches of the Turkish Armed Forces after the Ministry of National Defense and the President as well as Air Force, Navy and the Land Forces. In NATO projects such as Operation Deliberate Force during the Bosnian War, ISAF, and the Kosovo Force during the Kosovo War, showed best holding title of a brigade commander.


4.Qamar Javed Bajwa (Pakistan)

General Qamar Javed Bajwa was born on 11 November 1960 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, is the 10th and current Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army. On 29 November 2016, was appointed a four-star rank general by former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. Before becoming part of the Paksitani military in 1978, schooled at Gordon College in Rawalpindi and the Sir Syed College. He was commissioned in 1980 in the 16th Battalion of the Baloch Regiment, served well the Inspector General of the Training and Evolution from 22 September 2015 to 29 November 2016. He was field commander of the X Corps from 14 August 2013 to 22 September 2015.


3.Valery Gerasimov (Russia)

Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov officially known as Valery Gerasimov is the current Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, a Russian General and first Deputy Defence Minister after Nikolay Makarov. On 9 November 2012, President Vladimir Putin appointed him an army Russian General considering his powers during efficient career.  Gerasimov was born 8 September 1955 in Kazan, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. He also has won hearts of his people who blindly trust in Gerasimov because he cares a lot about his nation’s security.


2.Fang Fenghui (China)

Fang Fenghui deserves for impressive rank among the most powerful military commander generals in the world because he did best all the time during his career. Fenghui is a former general in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), served his country as a member of the Central Military Commission and the Chief of Joint Staff. Fang has served during the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China as the commanding officer of the military contingent in the inspection parade of then Central Military Commission chairman Hu Jintao. He was born on April 1951 in Bin County, Shaanxi, China, was positioned to military procuratorial organs in January 2018.


1.Gen Joseph Dunford (United States)

Joseph Francis Dunford Jr. is also among most influential military commander generals worldwide, was born on December 8, 1955 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He is serving his motherland as the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a United States Marine Corps General. He is only one in his country who has been serving nation in four different four-star positions as the 32nd Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps from October 23, 2010, commander of the International Security Assistance Force and United States Forces-Afghanistan from February 2013 until August 2014. He has also performed well by commanding units in Iraq.


Top 10 Powerful Military Commander Generals In The World 2018
Rank Powerful Military Commander Generals Country
1 Gen Joseph Dunford USA
2 Fang Fenghui China
3 Valery Gerasimov Russia
4 Qamar Javed Bajwa Pakistan
5 Hulusi Akar Turkey
6 Katsutoshi Kawano Japan
7 Volker Wieker Germany
8 Vincent K Brooks South Korea
9 Bipin Rawat India
10 Jean-Pierre Bosser France

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