Published On: Mon, Jul 30th, 2018

Powerful storm hits weather devasted Japan: Cyclone Jong Dari

Cyclone Jong Dari

Heavy downpours hit southwestern Japan in start of July resulting into flood in Japan. In mid of July 225 people have lost their lives in result of this deadly rainfall. Officials informed that this heavy rainfall could trigger landslides and flooding from 28th of July.

Powerful storm hits weather devasted Japan

Cyclone Jong Dari (or in Korean as skylark), triggered landfall in Honshu ( Japan’s main island) on Sunday at 1:00 (16:00 GMT). Weather reporters has declared it a topical storm. But they have warned that heavy rain can result into landslides. This storm is about to hit Japan when flood has already killed 225 people. After flood, heat wave has affected people of Japan and resulted into many deaths.

NHK (public broadcaster of Japan) reported that 16 people are injured till now and 150,000 homes are without electric power. In western city of Shobara 36,400 people have been asked to evacuate their houses. In city of Kure, evacuation orders have been issued to 6,300 people.

Hiroshima’s Governor (Hidehiko Yuzaki) stated that

“We are afraid that people may not be able to evacuate due to strong wind or floods blocking evacuation routes.” He further stated that, “I would like people to evacuate in advance so that they can save their lives.”

This is the double punch for Japan.

Evacuation orders were issued to more than eight million in Japan earlier this month as result of torrential rain. Some people got trapped and failed in following these orders. Critics claims that this official warning regarding evacuation came too late.

The prefectures worst affected by flood were Hiroshima, Yamaguchi and Okayama in the Chugoku region.  More than 4,000 survivors are compelled to live in temporary shelters there.

An official of Okayama stated that,

“We are fully ready 24 hours a day to evacuate residents,”

“We are fully ready 24 hours a day to evacuate residents,”.

These natural disasters that are heavy rainfall, heatwave and Typhoon has affected Japan to great extent in month of July. Hundreds of flights have been delayed or cancelled as result of this. People are suffering from many difficulties.


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