Published On: Thu, Sep 6th, 2018

Rachel Bland the BBC reporter dies at 40

Rachel Bland

BBC reporter who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer two years ago has died at age of 40. According to her family reports, she died peacefully in the comfort of her home early in the morning.

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Bland was renowned for being the voice of Radio 5 where her duties were   to be newsreader and of a presenter. She also won national praise for co hosting a show titled “You, me and Big C”.

Other than this she also put up a documentary for her life after disease on an award winning blog.

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After her death, he husband Steve told media that, “she was not only an incredible broadcaster but was also a great many other things like a beloved daughter sister, aunt, niece and most especially a mother to their little son Freddie”.

He further added,

“We take much pride in her amazing and tireless achievements throughout her life and especially the work she has done after being diagnosed with a life threatening disease like cancer. She has proved to the world that it is certainly not impossible to live the life to its fullest even if you are facing great challenges daily. Even if her body was at its weakest in her last days, he voice was actually louder and powerful”.

He also described her to be perfect in every way of life and they are going to miss her and the words are indescribable for her loss.

The death news of Bland came after she tweeted that Doctors have only given her few days to live. Her tweet was “in the words of great Frank S, I’m afraid that my time has come. I have been told by doctors that I only have days to live and this thought is very surreal. I thank you all for all the support you have given me.”


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