Published On: Wed, Mar 21st, 2018

Rebel Rocket Fire Left 35 Dead In Damascus Suburb

Rebel rocket fire in a Damascus shopping district Tuesday left 35 people dead is considered one of the deadliest attacks by rebels on the Syrian capital, while fire in the other side shot dead dozens of civilians in an opponent seized.


Nonetheless, the rocket fire came out as heavy bombing that caused 38 deaths in the shrinking insurgent commune of Eastern Ghouta, Damascus’ east side. On other side, the state media reported that rocket fire from rebels attacked the enclave of Jaramana.

Although people from the targeted site told that when they shot fire, when so many shoppers were there as well as some buyers of gifts ahead of Mother’s Day.

An eye witness shared media reporters on anonymity condition; the rocket hit a market known for its inexpensive food superstores and clothing. Another person also told at a condition to keep her name hided.

The deadliest attack targeted a shopping point so close to a security outpost, although the blast has fulfilled terror in people because of peak of intensity.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad remained successful to take control of locations territory where rebels have rooted strongly since the war began in 2011, while Russian and other coalition forces helped the government, as well as Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah armed force.

Al-Assad has paid attention on strategies consists of throwing these rebels out from largest territories in Eastern Ghouta, although it wouldn’t be possible without help of allied forces.

Eastern Ghouta is place to around 400,000 inhabitants, though over 1,400 of these have shot dead just because of about a month-long ground and air attacks on the enclave.

However, governments military with allied forces have taken control back nearly 80 percent of region, while rebels have separated Eastern Ghouta into three pieces.

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