Published On: Tue, Dec 12th, 2017

Refugee Camps: China Plans To Build Network With North Korea along border

China is planning to build at least five camps fir refuges with North Korea along its border as leaked internal documents show this plan and this shows that may Kim Jong-un’s regime collapse as well as may it will create instability in china’s political situation.


As the tensions in the region is increasing because of clashes between North Korea and United States, the china has a plan to build about 5 refugee camps near the border while it is not confirmed official of Beijing,

No statement has come after this leak and the document leaked by the Financial Times last week in English.

There are many clashes among North Korea and US because of war talks, in recent days North Korea has recorded a new advanced missile.

Which show the thought that Pyongyang could hit the whole US mainland and Kim’s regime has become most powerful threat in world as war tensions have gone to rise.

The china document which is also known as mobile document was leaked by a news channel in last week.

While it has gone viral on social media which has now opened another topic for discussion that really China will build five refugee camps along its border with North Korea.

The leaked documents are not verified by the Chinese officials while it was said that to decline this news China will make a news conference.

But still now no statement were made about to build refugee camps along its 880-mile with North Korea.

As the war threats have increased in the region, Kim Jong is developing their missile powers with more advancement.

While according to the foreign ministry spokesperson that they had no news about building refugee camps with border as Lu Kang told to reports on Monday.

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