Published On: Tue, Jul 10th, 2018

Rescue Operation Of Thai Caves To Resume On Tuesday Morning After Being Suspended For The Day

After rescuing four more boys trapped inside the Tham Luang Nang Non Cave complex on the second attempt, the operation was suspended for the day.


It is scheduled to resume tomorrow morning on Tuesday to rescue the coach and four boys still trapped inside the flooded cave.

A team of footballers from age 11 to 16 was trapped inside a cave along with their coach, as they reportedly took shelter from rain during a field trip.

However, due to heavy rainfall the cave got flooded and trapped the footballers inside. A couple of British divers discovered them a few days back, resulting in the launch of an immediate rescue operation.

The operation is being carried out by Thai Navy as well as experts divers and strategists from Britain, USA, China and Australia.

The Tham Luang Nang Non caves located in the Chiang Rai district were completely flooded with water, as a result of heavy rainfall in the country making it difficult to rescue the people trapped inside.

Moreover, the complexity of the caves holds risks for the rescue team members,resulting in poor navigation through the murky water which also resulted in one death.

In order to effectively carry out the rescue operation without any more casualties, the team suspended the mission for the day to make necessary preparations and possibly rethink their strategy as heavy rainfalls are predicted by the weather forecast.

In the two attempts following the discovery, eight boys have been rescued so far. The rescued boys were immediately taken to the local hospital where they are receiving treatment.

Despitebeing dehydrated andseeingsunlight for the past two weeks, the boys are in a stable condition and will recover quickly, according to the doctors.

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