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Top 10 List of Richest Countries in the World 2018

There are a total of 195 countries in the world today. These countries are divided on the basis of their locations, their cultures, their customs, their climates, their races and ethnicities of the people, the languages, the natural landmarks, the oceans that they touch, their tourism industries, their total area of coverage and most importantly their wealth.

What determines whether a country is rich or poor is their Gross Domestic Product or GDP per Capita, as that is the only way of calculating a country’s wealth. GDP basically means the total of the country’s entire goods and their services but this excludes all the foreign investors and income.

There are a few countries that have managed to keep their ranking on the top 10 countries in the list constant and stable throughout the years by maintaining their GDP according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

These countries include Iceland, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Singapore, Norway, United States of America and Qatar.

10: Iceland – $50,855

Iceland is located in the Nordic Islands region. It is a common tourism spot popular mainly for its beautiful natural landscapes, its erupting volcanoes, the geysers, hot springs and its breathtaking lava fields. Currently the population of Iceland is of only 323,002 which are quite low probably due to its extreme weather. What makes it unique is that most of the country works on geothermal power and it is the major source for the homes in Iceland. The current GDP of Iceland for the year 2018 is $50,855 which makes it one of the top 10 richest countries in the world 2018.


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09: Australia – $50,962

Australia is a very beautiful and peaceful country mainly known for its friendly people and the beautiful oceans it’s surrounded with that are the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has many popular country that are also major tourism destinations like Sydney which is known for its Opera House and the Sydney City, Gold Coast known for its beautiful beaches and fun activities like the sea world and movie world and Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide as well. The total population of Australia is of 23.13 million. The GDP of Australia for the year 2018 is $50,962 US Dollars, which really is amazing.


08: Ireland – $51,351

Ireland is a beautiful country that is located in Europe. It spreads over to a total area of almost 68,883 kilo meters of lands and of almost 1,390 square kilo meters of water which makes it one of the largest countries in the world. The capital of Ireland is Dublin and it Is mainly known because of being the birthplace of some famous authors of Oscar Wilde and Guinness Beer. Some beautiful places like the Medieval Cahir Castle also proves to be a popular tourist spot. The current GDP per capita of Ireland is $51,451 making it one of the top 10 richest countries in the world 2018.


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07: Denmark – $52,114

Denmark is a very popular country that is located in Scandinavia that includes the beautiful Jutland Peninsula and some other islands. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen which is very popular tourism place due to some very famous places like the Nyhavn Harbour, The Tivoli amusement park and the little mermaid statue. The total population of Denmark is of approximately 5.614 million which is a lot more than the other countries on the list. Denmark is a rich soure of some natural resources like Oil and Gas from its North Sea. The current GDP per capita of Denmark is $52,114.


06: Singapore – $52,888

Singapore is basically an island nation that is neither a country nor a city and is located in Southern Malaysia. Singapore is a very peaceful and one of the least corrupt states in the world with a very open economy and very low tax rates for the citizens of this country. The total population of this nation is approximately of 5.399 million which shows just how populated it really is. Singapore is almost flooded with tourist from all parts of the world due to its natural beauty and its various islands activities, no wonder it is one of the top 10 richest countries of the world. It has a GDP per capita of $52,888.


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05: United States – $55,805

The United States of America is probably the most popular country in the world. Every person from every part of the world is in a continuous struggle somehow move to this huge country, students all over the world are yearning to study in the US and it is the ideal tourist destination as well. The Unites States is a very huge country with 50 states in total. The total population of this country is 316.5 million, which shows just how huge this country really is. Along with its square area it also has one of the biggest economies in the world with a total GDP per capita of $555,805 US Dollars.


04: Norway – $74,822

Norway is a country located in Scandinavia with a very popular capital city by the name of Oslo. This beautiful country is known for its breathtakingly beautiful mountain ranges, glaciers and some coastal areas. Norway is also a very popular tourist destination spot with some very fun activities for the tourists like Hiking, Fishing and due to its frequent snowfall in winters, skiing. Norway has a total population of almost 5 million only, that is quite average. The GDP per capita of Norway for the year 2018 is almost $74,822 US Dollars that is quite high and includes it in the top ten richest countries in the world.


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03: Qatar – $76,576

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world that is situated in the Arab Peninsula. The capital of Qatar is Doha is a quite populated city, with thousands of people working from various parts of the world. Doha is also popular for its advanced services, skyscrapers and a very futuristic architecture in general. The popular tourist spots include the Museum is Islamic Art and the water front pomenade. Qatar has a total population of about 2.169 million. The major sources of Qatar’s economy is its natural resources like its petroleum and natural gas. The current GDP per capita is $76,575 US Dollars.


02: Switzerland – $80,675

Switzerland is a very popular country located in the Central Europe. The major cause of its economy is its Banking services which are used in the entire world, its finance and the international Insurance Programs which are of the best Insurance programs in the world. It has a total population of about 8 million which shows just how populated this country is. Switzerland is also known for its breath ta kingly beautiful natural beauty, landscapes and lakes. It also contains the mighty Alps and the local cultural villages. The current GDP per capita of Switzerland is a total of approximately $80,675 US Dollars making it the second richest country in the world.

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01: Luxembourg – $101,994

Luxembourg is situated in Europe and is surrounded by some other very noticeable European countries like Belgium, France and Germany. Although it is mostly a rural country, it is very beautiful and is known for its lush green landscapes which give sit the name “The Green Heart of Europe” and is a popular tourism destination. The capital of this country is Luxembourg City, which is the heart of this country and the economical capital as well. The total population of this country is 543,202 which shows that it’s really is a rural country with such a low population. But despite this low population Luxembourg has a GDP per capita of $101,994 making it the richest country in the world.


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