Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2018

Top 10 Richest Families In the World 2018

It is a very commonly known fact that a family that works together succeeds together and it is very true in the case of these 10 families who have created a huge pile of fortune over the years and now included amongst the top 10 richest families in the world 2018.

All these families belong to five countries only including Germany, The Unites States of America, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and France. The ways through which these families have earned their fortune is by either being pioneers of international finance or being the Royalty of the mighty Saudia Arabia, or being successful entrepreneurs or even starting a candy company.

This list includes some very famous names like the Rothschild Family, The Cargill MacMillan Family, The Cox Family, The Mars Family and The House Of Saud, who are the royals of Saudi Arabia.

10: The Cox Family – United States

The Cox Family is one of the richest families is the world and originally belong from the United States of America. They are known mainly as the founders of the Cox Enterprises. The leader of the family and originally founder of the Cox Enterprises is James Middleton Cox. He is also famous for the fact that he has been the governor of Ohio twice and also tried to run for president in 1920. What makes this family so successful is that they knew how to use their political ties to promote their business and they did just that. The current net worth of the family is estimated to be about $34.5 Billion.


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09: The Arnault Family – France

Estimated Net Worth: $37.7 billion The Arnault Family originally belongs from France and they are known for the two very famous brands known by the name Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, more commonly known as just Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. Louis Vuitton is particularly popular all around the world for their luxury shoes and bags whereas Christian Dior is also known for their Cosmetics and anti-aging creams. These two brands are so popular all over the world that they are a status symbol as only the wealthiest could afford them. The current net worth of the Arnault Family is estimated to be about $37.7 Billion Us Dollars.


08: The Bettencourt Family – France

The Bettencourt Family which originally belongs from France is a very Influential family and the owners of the world renowned company L’Oreal S.A. What makes this company so special is that it is the only company that is run by the world’s richest female in the world, Liliane Bettencourt. Liliane Bettencourt took over the company in 2016 although it was initially started by Eugene Schueller who was French-German Chemist. Eugene initially started the company by creating a very special hair dye that became very popular and lead to the creation of the company. The current net worth of the company is estimated to be about $42.7 billion Us Dollars.


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07: The Cargill-MacMillan Family – United States

The Cargill-MacMillan Family is a United States based family that found the Cargill Inc. IT was originally started by Wallace Cargill in 1865 and ever since then the company has only succeeded and prospered over the years making the Cargil-Macmillan one of the top 10 richest families in the world by earning them a huge fortune. The family has a complete control over the company and this is proving by the fact that they own more than 88 % of the company and its shares. The current estimated net worth of the Cargill-MacMillan Family is about $45 Billion US Dollars.


06: The Slim Family – Mexico

The Slim Family is a very famous Mexican family particularly known for finding the Grupo Carso Company. It was originally founded by Carlos Slim Helu who is also the head of the family. The reason why this person is so famous is that from 2010 to 2013 that was ranked as the richest man in the world according to Forbes, however in 2016 he was the 4th richest man. Nonetheless this family has had their fair share of the spotlight and that too for a good reason. The current net worth of the Slim Family is approximated to be that of at least $77.1 billion US Dollars.


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05: The Mars Family – United States

The famous Mars Family are residents of the United States of America, primarily known for the world famous chocolate Mars. It is an extremely favorite company loved by millions all over the world. The popularity of the company has only grown over the years. It was started by Franklin Mars in 1911 and since then it has been spread on and carried by his son Franklin Mars. Franklin Mars is also very famous and deserves credit for the immense success as he added the famous M&Ms and Mars Bars. The current estimated net worth of the Mars Family is about $80 Billion US dollars.


04: The Koch Family – United States

The Koch Family is a resident of The United States who are mainly known for the renowned Koch Industries. The Koch Industries are a very famous group of Industries that are also the second biggest private company not only in the Unites States but also in the world.It was initially started by Fred C. Koch in 1940 who originated it as a oil refinery but it eventually grew over the years and they also started real estate, ranching, chemicals, finance and many more, Their current Net Worth is about $80 billion US Dollars making them one of the top 10 richest families in the world.


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03: The Walton Family – United States

The Walton Family is a United States based family. They are known for their very famous Retail store that goes by the name Walmart which has hundreds of branches all over the Unites States. The Walmart Store was originally started by the head of the family Sam Walton, who started it in 1962, and since then it has gained a huge popularity and is only been growing over the years. Although he didn’t exactly get it right from the start before this he tries opening two store franchises that didn’t work. The current Net worth of the Walton Family is $152 billion US Dollars.


02: The House of Saud – Saudi Arabia

The House of Saud is the Royal Family of the great country of Saudia Arabia. They have been ruling the country since many years now, almost from the 1700s. This wealth basically comes from Saudi Arabia’s huge amount of oil reserves that they have been trading with some very powerful nations like the United States, and earning heaps of money in return. The family is headed by the Kin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud who became the leader in the year 2016. The current net worth of the family is about $1.4 trillion US Dollars which makes them one of the top 10 richest families in the world.


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01: The Rothschild Family – Germany

The Rothschild Family belongs to Germany and has mainly earned their great fortune by international banking. They have been the leading name in international banking since the 1700s, which just proves how established this family really is. The head of the family was the Mayor Rothschild who was mainly known as the assistant and finance manager of German royal family at the time. He used his fame and his name to start the banking and finance business and was later joined by his five sons. Their immense success over the years has now given them a total net worth of almost $2 trillion US Dollars making them the richest family in the world.


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