Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2018

Rio’s Copacabana Beach: Car Drives Into Pedestrians, At least 15 injured

An out of control hit the pedestrian crowded  area on Copacabana Beach in Brazil which has injured at least 15 people  in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday evening and one eight month old baby has dead while the driver of the car has been arrested by the police.


According to the state police that the black Hyundai car has gone out of control as driver told which hit the crowded area at beach, due to the crash of car one baby has been dead while more than fifteen people have injured which are transferred to hospital and police arrested the driver from the spot when he was trying to escape.

It is said by the driver that he was going on the Avenida Atlântica road where he lost his control on car because of unexpected crossing of a bike, due to this his car turned toward beach which hit the people while it is said by the police it is just an accident which is not did by want and they are investigating the case.

Seven adults along two children have taken to the nearby hospital which received serious injuries, according to the Brazil Police that this car crash is not a terrorist attack as in many Europe countries car hitting is proved to be planned accidents but this one is just a accident due to losing of control by car driver.

The police reported that when officers arrived at the beach they see a lot of regression on the bystander’s faces for the driver’s act but they caught the driver, people wanted to beat him but they prevented this act and now he is in the custody of police for more investigation while an eight year old baby has dead.

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