Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2018

Rockstar Confirms The Addition Of Nightclubs In The Next GTA 5 Update

The developer of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar reveals a new update, confirming the addition of nightclubs in the upcoming GTA 5 Online update. Players will now, be able to design,operate and promote their own nightclubs in the game.


The players can access this feature on the online mode starting next month since the release is scheduled for early July.

The latest addition allows players to own and operate their own nightclubs by performing various tasks such as staffing, promoting and designing.

Nightclubs are a perfect disguise for shady activities or any operation you have undertaken as well as generate income for GTA 5 players. Moreover, players can also use their nightclubs to launder black money from the questionable sources as well.

Earlier this month, the developer gave a spoiler regarding the upcoming update by tweeting the names of popularmusic acts Tale of Us, Dixon, Solomon and Black Madonna, which are also features in the GTA 5 Online update. The real-life artist will bring the house down with their unique music and outstanding performances.

In addition to the new update, players who have not played GTA 5 online in a while will get exclusive benefits and gifts upon logging in between 3rd to 9th July.

The players will appear on a guest list and will be eligible to obtain GTA $300,000 and a limited edition Orange Wireframe Bodysuit as bonus.

Moreover, there are other biweekly bonuses and guest perks you can unlock by playing the game, including nightclub themed t-shirts, weekly cash bonus ranging between GTA $100,000 to GTA $350,000 depending on your performance.

Discounts on vehicles such as the highly customizable asset for business deliveries – MTL Pounder Custom as well as exclusive liveries on classic sports cars like the Ocelot Swinger.

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