Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Rohingya Muslims: Bangladesh Plans To Move 100,000 Muslim Refugees To Island

Bangladesh will move at least 100,000 Rohingya Muslims who took shelter in country to an island which is low lying to live, a $278 million plan has been released by ministry of planning and they will develop the facilities on this land for the refugees.


Rohingya Muslims will be moved to Thengar Char which is an island in the Bay of Bengal by 2019 as ministry of planning of Bangladesh has released a $278 million plan.

They will construct the facilities in the remote, flood-prone island to live where about one million refugees will be transferred.

Thousands of the Muslims moved from Rohingya to Bangladesh to save their lives, the military has killed a massive number of people in Rakhine State on the name of religion.

A huge number of people have fled to neighbor countries and most of them have taken the shelter in Bangladesh.

According to the minister of Planning Mustafa Kamal that a $278 million plan has been released for the refuges.

All the facilities will be constructed in low lying island for their where they will be moved and by 2019 this plan will be operational.

Rohingya Muslims will be facilitated with all necessary needs of life in the Bay of Bengal in a flood prone island while this is known as a controversial plan because it has raised many questions about the survival of the people in that island because of lack the living facilities.

While on other side, the Rohingya government has denied the news of killing Muslims as they said that this act was done by the terrorists, since august at least 626,000 have fled to Bangladesh.

Which has raised the population to a high level and now country is planning to move them on the island where they construct all the facilities.

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