Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Rohingya Women And Girls Were Raped By The Myanmar Army As Reports Say

The reports issued by the Human Rights Watch about Rohingya that Burmese security forces are accused of raping the women as well as girls in Burma and Muslims ladies were raped brutally while after they were killed by the army.


It is said in a report that sexual violence was on its peak level as Myanmar army killed them after raping the Muslim ladies and girls.

Thousand of the people have been dead in Rohingya while a huge number of residents have moved to nearby neighbor countries to save their lives and still the world is silent on this critical issue.

There are many witnesses present who proved that Rohingya army brutally killed the Muslim ladies and girls.

Burma is a place where still now thousands of Muslims have been killed while according to their army that Muslims are not considered as their residents because they have different region and this is the reason that they have no recognition in Rohingya.

The Rohingya Prime Minister has denied this news that Army is involved in these all rape cases while according to international media reports Myanmar Muslims girls were raped by them.

While after sexual brutality they were killed by the security forces and these all ways of killing humans are very away from the humanity.

A huge number of Muslims have fled to near neighbor countries while more of them moved to Bangladesh while some to India because their borders are to nearby them.

The media interviewed them as they questioned from 52 women and it discovered that many of them were raped as well as small girls by the army.

Witnesses show the reality of the Rohingya army that they did inhuman activities with the Myanmar Muslims ladies and girls by brutally raping them.

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