Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Roy Moore Sexual Allegations: Republican US Senate Candidate Faces The Sexual Allegations

Four women in the United States have created the a panic situation as they told to media on Thursday that Republican Senate candidate used the sexual misconduct behavior when they were 14 years old and he was of about 34.


It is a shocking news for the majority party as their leader who is nominee for the senate post of United State parliament.

The four women told to news on Thursday that he tortured sexually them a long time ago when they were teenagers and he was about in 30s while maybe it is propaganda but investigation will tell about the truth of the story.

The majority leader of the Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said after the allegations on the Roy Moore that he will be cut out from the nomination of senate seat.

As he has selected for the special election that will held on December 12 and now after sexual hit on Thursday Roy Moore is in range of doubts because four women told to news.

US senate candidate is considered as a hero due to his views about the cultural issues in Alabama but now his reputation is under the threat after the sexual misconduct allegations on Thursday.

Republican party will run the investigation against him and it found to be true then his political career would be in danger.

Roy Moore earned his name as the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, he is considered as the founder of the Foundation for Moral Law as well as the founder of this law.

He is a US Senate nominate candidate to fill the seat that was vacated by Jeff Sessions but now the four women on Thursday put the sexual allegations on him, according to them he sexually misconduct them when he was in 30s and they were teenagers.

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