Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2018

Rules for Successful Time-Management

People have many tasks in life. They are constantly involved in studying or working. In addition, it is necessary to devote time to yourself and family. However, not everybody can allow his or her time correctly. That is why we have trouble with deadlines, success, and well-being.

When you do not have time for everything, you feel down. You do not do projects on time, fulfill your promises, and forget important meetings. Besides, your children are angry at you, because you planned a travel together and promised them to choose an affordable hotel in Downtown Dallas.

How then do other people cope with the lack of time? There exists such concept as time-management. People who manage their time can deal with all tasks on time, achieve success, and have time to relax. Time-management begins with readiness to change. To rule your time is easy, while you do some actions. The key to a successful time-managing is planning. People, that have not time, do not plan or are not able to follow this plan. Time-management is based on creating of conditions for your environment, not vice versa.

How to manage your time correctly?
Plan your time. The easiest way to do it is to make a list of essential tasks every day. It takes you only 10-15 minutes. The content of tasks lies in that fact that this list helps you put all assignments due to their importance. Moreover, you can set time aside from your tasks. For example, to have met with a boss is at 10:15; to have a look at an affordable hotel in Downtown Dallas is at 18:30. In such way, you will save your time and will be able to do more.

Organize your priorities. After making a list, it is time to highlight the most important tasks. You can circle them with a color pencil or just underline with a thick marker. It does not matter which method you will choose. The main thing is to understand the importance and procedural arrangements.

Set your goals properly. Your aims should be precise, real, and time-measured. To be sure, it is better to use the SMART system. Every letter in this acronym describes a certain quality of every goal. S is for Specific, M is for Measurable, A means Achievable, R is relevant, and T is Time-bound. So, every aim should have 5 main peculiarities. Then, it will be easier to meet all them.

Do not use many tasks at the same time. Of course, sometimes we do several activities at once, but we can notice failures. It is possible to do only one assignment properly and effectively. So, do not be in a hurry, and do all tasks one by one.

Concentrate on your work. You can be always distracted by e-mail, phones or people. Try not to notice all things around you and do your work. You will have time to relax and distract yourself on conversations, an interesting video or a cup of tea during your break. If it is hard for you to be concentrated, there are many books and training that can help you develop this necessary ability.

Keep clean and tidy. When you have a mess in your head and on your table, it is complicated to have time for everything. You do not know where your pen is. You forget about the important conference because you did not write it. It leads to cracking the bell and missing the deadlines. Your main task is to tidy your working place, throw out all unnecessary things, and think away your thought about the future party. If everything is in order, you will not waste your time on senseless actions.

Do not postpone. You will never do the task, which you put off for tomorrow all the time. Learn to be concentrated and do everything, when it is needed. If you do all tasks at a specific time, you will not be due to do the next day, because the next day you have another work. Do not collect your activities as a collection of stamps. It will be hard to manage with them later.

Be ready to say “no”. Often people agree to take all work that is needed and not needed. If some tasks are not measured up to your contemporary goals, then decline them. They will just take your priceless time. Plus, do not do work instead of others. The more tasks you have, the less effective is. You can also get stress because of overwork. So, take care of yourself first.

Relax. Learn to separate work and time for rest. Your job is important, but you need to have time for something else: family, hobbies, parties. Do little pauses during your working day. They will help you renew and have more energy. Remember to go on holidays for two or three weeks. This time is excellent for complete relaxation of your body and mind. When you interchange work and relax, you can do everything on time, with fresh ideas, and not to the detriment of your health.

Give ear to your body. Sometimes, people do not know their body. They are not aware of their biorhythm. This leads to not knowing when it is better to get up or think with a good result. Information about your body lets you plan a day effectively and do all essential tasks in the period of the highest activity.

Keep it simple. Divide your big and complicated task into smaller and simple ones. You will see that it is easier to do several small assignments than one, but huge. Do not complicate your life.

Time-management is a dream of everybody to control life, improve effectiveness, and have time for everything. Every person can realize this simple dream. Communicate with necessary people, do an interesting and useful work, receive a pleasure from it. Do you think it is something impossible and inaccessible? No, it is a simple time-management.

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