Published On: Sat, Dec 2nd, 2017

Russian Lawmaker Says, North Korea is Ready To Negotiate With America On Nuclear Programs

A Russian Lawmaker Vitaly Pashin reported that North Korea is now ready to negotiate with the United States on the nuclear programs and Russia played a very important role in these talks as a third party.


Russian Lawmaker told to reporters after his visit to the North Korean Peninsula that Pyongyang is now willing to hold the talks with America on the nuclear programs.

Russia as a third party between these two countries played a very crucial role and the negotiation news confirmed by a member of the Russian legislature.

From recent months the clashed among United States and North Korea are taking serious shapes as both countries are talking about the warhead which is very dangerous for world peace.

Both have many conflicts with each other and now Russia is playing a third party role in order to keep the situation safe and sound.

While on the other hand, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has denied for direct talks as according to the team that United States will not negotiate with North Korea.

Until the regime stops the tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles and they will talk when Pyongyang will destroy their all nuclear weapons.

In recent days, North Korea has launched a successful test of intercontinental ballistic missile which is most powerful ever they made as reported by experts.

While according to reports it can hit mainly US homeland and the test was carried out first time in previous two months.

The Russian Lawmaker reported that Pyongyang is ready to negotiate with United States as supreme leaders of country are willing to do because they know about the situation of sanctions that have imposed by US and Russian played a very crucial role as a third party to hold talks.

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