Published On: Mon, Mar 26th, 2018

Russian Shopping Mall Fire: Kills 37, Searches For Missing 70 Persons

Fire caused about 37 people death at a Russian shopping centre, while 70 others are believed to be still missing inside the building, while searches are taking place, told local authorities media reporters.   


Sudden fire rose at Winter Cherry shopping center in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, about at distance of 3600km east of capital Moscow, although forty children are reported to be among the people who are still missing since blaze started.

However, parents left a number of children alone in the cinema located in the mall, is said to be are among the deaths.

On other side, parents who left their children in cinema of the building, are passionately searching them as the incident made them so disturb, the Siberian Times reported.

Some people captured video footages after some seconds of the incident and uploaded on social media, are showing that desperate children jumping from windows, although some of these reportedly have done phone calls to their family members telling they have no way to go out.

Nevertheless, fire alarms inside the building were not ringing, even though a number of exit ways were blocked, people who were on the spot told media.

On other side, a 12-year-old, Viktoria ‘Vika’ Pochankina. was trapped and made phone call to inform her aunt to do something to get out her quickly.

The aunt of 12, Evgenia reported the Siberian Times, added saying that she was telling via call, all things are in ruling of fire, even doors are blocked, there is no way to go out, as well breathing is getting difficult.

Evgenia replied her saying that she needs to remove her cloths and cover nose, although the little girl request her aunt to inform her dearest family members that she loves them a lot.

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