Published On: Wed, May 9th, 2018

Salman Khan Catches Public Eye InCatches Public Eye

India’s film industry’s super star Salman Khan feels painful to be the spotlight, hence made attempt to stay away from public eye as he moved back to court on Monday over his five-year jail sentence against killing endangered wildlife.


The 52-year-old Indian movie star was found guilty of shooting dead rare antelopes also indentifies black bucks during his hunting trip in 1998. Khan is one of the world’s highest-paid actors has spent two days in jail before being granted bail.

Khan had to attend court on Monday because Indian court has ordered him, while hearing was held in Jodhpur at early hours of the day, in the western state of Rajasthan. Khan was busy in shooting of his next action-crime thriller venture.

Landed in a white SUV and entered court nearly 8:00 am (0230 GMT) surrounded by guards, but couldn’t escape from Indian media’s reporters’ eyes, so Indian military was called there because of security purpose.

Chandra Kumar Songara, the judge for this lawsuit, rapidly suspended proceedings after Khan’s defense team urged more time to get ready their petition. On the other hand.

Indian court had banned his trip to overseas without permission but he has been shooting of his upcoming action project Race 3 in homeland, flew directly to Jodhpur airport after the hearing.

Mahesh Bora, defense counsel was asked, said that they will be arguing on the petition against the five-year sentence from July 17. However, prosecutors quoted they will be in opposition to the plea bid and were ready to submit their case.

Although Khan has been repeatedly refusing the accusation of shooting dead rare antelopes, also had claimed the forest department of Rajasthan tried to frame him. On other side, four other renowned Indian film industry celebrities have also faced court with same allegations.

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