Published On: Mon, Feb 26th, 2018

Samsung’s New Galaxy S9 Comparison With Iphone X

As we have noticed weeks ago that Microsoft made public a replacement to Windows 8 even by skipping the number 9, straightly nod for to Windows 10. Apple’s iPhone 8 was followed by the iPhone X or the company doesn’t why jumped directly on number 10.


Nonetheless, South Korean refused to copy the task hence on way to release its next upcoming giant gadget titled the Galaxy S9 after Galaxy S8.

Nevertheless, South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul has also announced the release date of the Galaxy S9, in March.

Samsung has shown that they don’t want to break its rule maintaining its leadership in the Android market, although other top smartphone manufacturer companies have jumped one step ahead.

Then, the growing Chinese competition from Huawei is being discontinued and he is reassuring investors that Vice President Jay Y. Lee has an upcoming under the control of the group because his legal misfortunes have proved the global banner.

Some pictures are uploaded on internet to assure fan to what kind of pixel quality is on way to stun as well to make it high-end device. Samsung S9 is reportedly equipped with two giant cameras a telephoto same as the iPhone X,

A wide-angle, while both features capture at a resolution of 12 megapixels which is also like the iPhone XThe latest reports have shown that the South Korean is also placed the two lenses of the S9 Plus upright, which is American manufacturers also do with its flagship.

However, there is big difference comes out with low-light performance when you get a snap using the S9, you really capture 12 images at the same time.

With that said, the phone then compares all experiences to produce a single shot that come with all the information you require, while little grain and noise may come it the results.

The thing seems to be bit comparable to how the iPhone X processes high-dynamic range pictures by getting snaps at various levels of the light exposure to team up to build a richer, additional controlled picture.

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