Published On: Sat, Jul 14th, 2018

Sandra Oh Becomes The First Asian Woman Ever To Be Nominated For An Emmy In A Lead Actress Role

Sandra Oh, who plays a lead role in BBC America series as a government agent who steps out to stop a serial killer, has broken all records by becoming the first Asian to be nominated for an Emmy in a lead actress role.


It does not happen often that an Asian woman is given a lead role in an American series. To be nominated for an Emmy, it is quite impossible for an Asian.

But Sandra Oh just made history as she’s the first Asian nominee in the lead actress role. This is definitely great news.

The Canadian-Korean star has been in the public eye since her ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in which she starred as Dr. Christina Yang.

Oh has been nominated five times for Emmy Award for best supporting role. Killing Eve has proved to be a great retort for Sandra Oh since Grey’s Anatomy in 2014.

In Killing Eve, Oh works as Eve Polastri who is generally a desk worker but later on she is assigned to a case of a psychophantic killer Villanelle, who is working for an organisation named The Twelve.

Eve finally becomes obsessed with finding the killer. Oh said in an interview that she fully apprehends representing the Asian actresses in Hollywood.

Talking to a reporter, Sandra Oh said that she’s having a hard time finding the right words to describe how important this nomination is for her.

She also added that she’s completely ‘thrilled’. In another interview, she said that she hopes that her Killing Eve role opens doors and opportunities for other Asian artists, especially women and storytellers.

Well-deserved Sandra Oh said that her nomination in Emmy Awards is a win for female society on television as her latest role is mainly reflecting female psychology and female psyche. She added that this nomination is paving ways for other Asian women.

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