Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2018

Sanju’s biopic of sleeping with 356 women is alright but Sunny Leone’s biopic is not. Isn’t this Hypocrisy?

Sunny Leone’s biopic Karenjit Kaur released on July 16th, 2018 and it received mixed criticism from across the India. Majority of internet using people have applauded this bold biopic to tell the story from Sunny’s perspective but on the other hand it also ignited fury of religious groups whose so called sentiments were hurt.

Sanju's biopic of sleeping with 356 women

The major criticism was the use of word Kaur in the series while others were criticizing was it wise to give Sunny her own show. All of this was happening at the same time when another popular actor’s biopic openly revealed the truth of him sleeping with over 300 women.

Sunny’s biopic tells the story of her journey from being a social outcast Canadian to being one of the most renowned Bollywood celebrities in the world. Her story is quite the opposite of Sanjay Datt’s story, a man who was born in privilege; whereas Sunny had to struggle and make It to where she is today without anyone’s help.

Although there are talks of Gender equality throughout the world but still there is a long way for it to actually happen. Entrainment industry in India is already filled double standards that there is close to no hope of breaking the shackles of this Gender discrimination.

For example, the public created quite a stir when Priyanka Chopra got in relationship with Nick Jonas due to their age difference. This same public applauded Shahid Kapoor for dating a woman 14 years younger than him and called it the cutest thing to ever happen in town.

Take another example for instance when Virat Kholi’s subpar performance on the field was attributed to his relationship with Anushka Sharma and when Anushka’s film were flopping on box office no one called out Virat Kholi’s name.

Even in film industry, there rarely comes a movie in which there are multiple female lead roles.

The battle of Gender VS Society is still ongoing and the fight is being fought without any benefit.

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