Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

Santa Barbara Evacuations, California Fire Moves Toward North As Threat To Homes

The intensive fire is still out of control in seventh day, thousand acres of land have burnt while now the monster fire is moving toward north of Santa Barbara’s cities  Carpinteria and Montecito while government has ordered for evacuations.


Hundreds of people have fled to other states because the fire is spreading to mostly the areas in Santa while the southern California is under the threat of monster fire where a huge part of land has burnt.

Government has announced for the evacuations of the residents and now fire is moving toward north of Barbara.

Ventura County was in the early numbers which faced the fire while there hundreds of people have gone away from their homes as fire has spread in the area.

A number of people have died in this natural disaster while some are in hope to go back in their homes and some have lost their homes because the monster fire has burnt their houses.

One of the largest fires in the Southern California has burnt a huge part of land in the Santa Barbara country where fire fighters are battling with the monster while people are seeing the hope in future days as there will be wet condition which can slow down the fire.

According to the officials that the fire is moving towards the North of Santa where it is announced by the government to residents for the evacuations.

People are moving towards a safe place while some are seeing their homes back in hope that they will be back in their houses while in country there are hundreds of people who have lost their roof completely.

The government is compensating to those people who have lost their homes and Northern Santa is under threat now.

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