Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

Saudi Prince Mutaib Bin Abdullah Freed After $1 Billion Settlement Agreement

The former head of elite National Guard, royal member Prince Miteb bin Abdullah has been released in a Kingdom’s corruption case after the acceptable agreement settlement for $1 billion as Saudi anti-graft member official says.


The royal family member was involved in corruption case, he was questioned by the court, there are many other political leaders, ministers and royal members who are detained under corruption case along him.

While now it is confirmed by an official that after $1 billion settlement agreement, the prince Mutaib has been released.

Mutaib II bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is a member of Saudi royal family, he is known as former Minister of the National Guard from 27 May 2013 to 4 November 2017,.

The member of House of Saud Prince Mutaib was arrested on 4 November 2017 in the corruption allegations with other ten princes.

An official of anti corruption campaign said that Mutaib bin Abdullah has freed on Tuesday after a settlement agreement under the condition of anonymity and he further said that other three suspects had finalized settlement deal.

The son of the late King Abdullah, Mutaib II bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is a royal family member who is known as one of the most powerful man in the Saudi Arabia.

It is said by the official that immediately it is impossible for investigators to deal reach him because of some conditions.

According to official news that the public prosecutor has decided to release some of the individuals along the Mutaib while with the prosecution of the other at least five members he will proceed.

The prosecutor has the complete authority about the investigation process and he is able to reject or accept any settlement dead as told by official.

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