Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2018

Scarlett Johansson Shuts Down Rumors About Auditioning To Date Tom Cruise

The 33-year-old, Avengers superstar, Scarlett Johansson firmly shuts down the latest rumors about her auditioning to date Tom Cruise, who belongs to the Church of Scientology where such acts are reported to be not that impossible.


According to the press release, Scarlett Johansson, along with many other females, a few of which were actresses and celebrities, auditioned to be in a relationship with Tom Cruise but it did not end well and she lost.

The news came from Brendan Tighe, who was the member of Tom Cruise’s Scientology security team and claimed to have seen documents regarding the audition, that were sent to his printer by mistake.

The actress, however, denied any such rumor and called the act of auditioning for the qualifying to date a man of status as demeaning, insulting and patriarch.

The Avenger’s superhero also said that she possesses enough sense and integrity to choose her own relationships and also called out Tighe for his insane statement.

It should be noted that the Church of Scientology is legally recognised as a religion in United States and many artists as well as celebrities, including Tom Cruise are associated with it.

But, in some countries of the world, the Church of Scientology is considered a cult and keeping in view the definition of cult, such demeaning acts are not that unbelievable.

However, even the Church of Scientology denied any claims that came from Tighe and a Representative gave a public statement, saying that Tighe’s only duty under Church of Scientology was of a security guard or night watch and he only had access to a few security cameras around the perimeter.

He was fired from his job after a few months due to negligence and poor performance, thus, rendering all of his claims meaningless.

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