Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2018

Senate Goes On An All-Out War Over Justice kennedy’s Replacement

As the second oldest Justice in the Supreme Court of United States announced his retirement, the Senate gets ready to go on an all-out war over his replacement. Justice Kennedy is set to retire from his duties on July, 31st this year.


The gist of this war is between Republican and Democrats which holds the White House with a 51% majority in the Senate as compared to Democrats 49%.

Since the margin between them is so slim, both parties are neck to neck with each other regarding the replacement of Justice Kennedy.

Republicans are trying to quickly hand over the seat to one of their candidates. On the other hand, Democrats are trying to delay the process using mid-term elections as a reason, the same tactic Republicans used to reject Former President Obama’s candidate during mid-term elections.

The current President Donald Trump seemed pretty enthusiastic about the replacement and stated in his tweet that he has about 20 Republican candidates to choose from.

He also said that they need to hurry up the process and choose a candidate who will stay as the Justice of Supreme Court for at least 40 to 45 years.

While the war is continuing on one side, the other side is paying their tributes to Justice Kennedy for his 30 years of service.

Although, he identified with conservatives, Justice Kennedy made more than a few decisions in the favor of liberals. He was also the one to pen the first gay rights decision in the Supreme Court, in 1996.

Justice Kennedy sided with individual rights and advocated same-sex marriages, abortion rights, etc.

With his retirement, the future of these constitutional rights and their implementation is also in jeopardy, the reason why most of the Senate is divided, in the first place.

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