Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2018

Serena Williams; the former World Champion embraces the Left’s victim mentality

Serena Williams; the former World Champion of the Women Singles Tennis competed in her 24t h Grand Slam event on Saturday of previous week. The match was a highly anticipated one for not only Serena but for the audience as well as she was trying to level the world record of having 24 Grand Slam titles previously only held by Margaret Court.

Unfortunately for Serena with the crucial mistakes; made from very start of the match, Williams was ultimately defeated by the opponent Naomi Osaka of Japan.

With Osaka’s win, she has become the first ever Japanese female to have won the US Open in history of Tennis. Sadly Osaka is not able to celebrate this win of hers due to the unsportsmanlike behavior of her opponent Serena Williams.

Williams smashed not only two rackets in a span of 48 hours on court but also double faulted at most crucial moments of match along with having three bouts of verbal sparring with chair umpire; that ultimately led to her defeat. Instead of accepting it quietly, Williams did what most of the celebrities of today’s modern world would do and that is blaming the institutional biases against women in sports as a reason for her defeat.

According to what Serena said, Umpire was a ‘Sexist’ and a ‘Thief’ who stole the match from her.

Following her remarks, the social justice society of Social Media has also bolstered up their claims that sexist double standards have taken to root in the world of Tennis as well. They have made many tweets about all this with the simple examination behind them is that, when a woman argues with officials, it is a meltdown but for male it’s just part of the game.


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