Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

Serial Killer Murder Of 7-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Zainab Arrested

Pakistan police has arrested the man who is thought to be a serial killer, he is caught by police on Tuesday in charge of killing and raping the 7 year old girl Zainab, CM of Punjab confirmed the news about his custody.


Many protests ignited over the inaction of government over Zainab case while now the suspected serial killer has arrested on Tuesday.

Police has taken him into custody while he is animal who killed a 7 year old baby after raping it in recent days and after protests in different cities of Pakistan, the suspect is arrested by Police.

In last week, police found the body of Zainab in a garbage dumpster in Kasur district in north side of Lahore city, the report of her missing was filed in police station while death she was found.

According to the residents of that area this is the 12th case in its kind in which babies were found dead after raping them.

Protests were held against the inaction of the government that even after one week of the incident, there were no body was caught who’s DNA matched with the case.

Now on Tuesday  it is announced by the police that the suspected serial killer has been caught who killed 7 year old baby girl Zainab in last week in Kasur district.

The Chief Minister of Punjab went to the house of dead Zainab, where he said that the culprit will get the high punishment.

Now on Tuesday it is informed by the CM Shehbaz Shareef that the suspected serial killer is arrested by the police while ha has accepted the murder of 7 year old baby girl after rape and his DNA is matched with sample of her body while now he will get the punishment according to the laws.

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