Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

Sierra Leone Mudslides: More Than 200 Have Killed While Thousands Are Affected Due To Mud River

Due to heavy rains, hillsides have collapsed which has destroyed hundreds of houses in the Regent area near the capital city of Freetown, it is reported that more than 300 have killed and thousands are affected due to massive mudslides on Monday.



According to authorities that they have covered about 205 people on Monday, according to a reporter mudslide came when most of the people were sleeping at morning in Sierra Leone, rescue teams have arrived there to save the people and about 1000 people are affected due to mud river while mud has covered many houses.

Sierra Leone is an West African country which has four administrative regions which are sub divided into many districts, the four regions are the Northern Province, Eastern Province, Southern Province and the Western Area.

The capital of the nations is Freetown, English s the official language of the country and on Monday the capital city faced with a massive mudslide which have killed hundreds of residents.

President Ernest Koroma said in a statement during in his speech to the West African nation that many of the people have lost their lives in a horrible incident.

The property of millions of worth has destroyed and mudslides have changed the map of the city as every house is under the cover of mud.

Ernest said on Monday that they had established an emergency response for the disaster which is a horrible incident for all the country.

He added that this incident is not only painful for the affected family because whole nation is feeling the pain as hundreds of them have lost their lives in a mudslide on Monday and he requested the people to calm down and people must keep themselves away from the disaster place.

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