Published On: Thu, Jan 11th, 2018

Singapore Passport Ranks Second Best Powerful Globally In 2018

“The need for visa-free travel access is greater than ever”. Said group Chairman of Henley and Partners Christian H.Kalin.


Singapore passport is consider the world’s best in 2018, it has visa free access to 176 countries. Singapore got two places to ranked ‘second best ‘on the 2018 edition of the Henley passport index.

While according to the reports, Singapore also achieving the best performing country in the region and maintain its highest ranking on Index in 10 years. The rankings are based on given data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Last October, passport Index briefly put Singapore at the top of the world’s powerful passport. According to its count, Singapore passport holders can travel up to 176 countries without any need of visa. Here’s Henley’s top 10 of the year 2018.

  1. Germany passport holders can travel up to 177 countries.
  2. Singapore passport holder’sup to 176 countries.
  3. Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Japan, Sweden, UK – 175 countries.
  4. Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland, Spain, Switzerland – 174 countries
  5. Ireland, Portugal, South Korea, United States – 173 countries
  6. Canadian passport holders can travel upto 172 countries
  7. Australia, Greece, New Zealand – 171 countries
  8. Czech Republic, Iceland – 170 countries
  9. Malta – 169 countries
  10. Hungary – 168 countries

In December, Arton’s passport Index put Germany back on the top, consistent with Henley’s ranking while some countries have the least freedom of movement according to Henley:

  1. Afghanistan – 24
  2. Iraq – 27
  3. Syria – 28
  4. Pakistan – 30
  5. Somalia – 32
  6. Yemen – 35
  7. Libya, Nepal – 36
  8. Eritrea, Palestinian Territory – 37
  9. Bangladesh, Iran, Kosovo, Lebanon – 38
  10. Ethiopia, North Korea, South Sudan – 39.

Although Germany the top spot for the fifth year running, the Index is based on how many countries genuine passport holders can travel to without a visa.

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