Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2018

Some Suggestions For Novice Tutors

Are you a novice tutor? Is it troublesome to find a student?
I believe that most of the newcomers/teachers/coaches/experts who want to start taking over the case will definitely encounter problems and worries – “Where do you want to find a student?”


There are hundreds of ways to find tutors, but they may not have created their own teaching reputation because they have no experience. They even lacked confidence because of the above reasons, which caused various obstacles to find a case against the wall. Writer is here to help you organize Some ways to find students, and analyze some of the advantages and disadvantages, everyone can try it, I believe that the newcomers to the case can have a good help!

1. Introduction of relatives and friends
In the absence of confidence and inexperience, writer suggested here that novice teachers can think about whether there is a chance to let you play their own expertise. For example: Xiao Ming may be a basketball coach, Xiao Ming hopes to Teaching some children interested in basketball with his basketball major;

At this time, Xiao Ming can think about it first.
– What kind of teaching mode or teaching features you would like to use:
It is humorous and fun to learn.

– Where do you want to teach:
Like a national playground, a sports center stadium, a park, etc.

– How many people do you want to teach in one class:
It is necessary to consider your own teaching methods, use space, and manageable scope. The number of people should not be too much or too little.

– What kind of charges, etc.:
You need to consider the time you have set aside, the equipment you have prepared, the rent of the venue, etc., and calculate a reasonable and acceptable amount.

After thinking about the above problems, Xiao Ming can use a variety of online tools or software to easily create his own resume, curriculum or texts, etc.; start asking friends from relatives, relatives, relatives, or ask if they have friends in their circle. Suitable for teaching children or youth.

2. Family Education Center
Many novice teachers, in order to facilitate convenience, hope to join the local tutoring center directly, let the tutoring center to mediate their business in the form of intermediary; although for some novice tutors, it is really time-saving, but the disadvantage is that the tutoring center usually Higher fees or commissions are drawn, or some tutoring centers may cooperate with tutors by appointment or employment contract. There are often some terms of application. For beginners, they may have to look at their eyes to avoid follow-up. Controversy.

3. Family education forum, community
The tutoring forum here is not the same as the general tutoring platform. You can try to search for “Find a Teacher Forum” or “Find a Tutor Message Board”, etc. You will find various forums of various sizes or There are people in the discussion board who are looking for tutors or teachers. Especially like some mom forums, people often find various tutors or teachers on them. Usually you can use your keywords to find them. For example, if you are a piano teacher, you You can search for “Piano Teacher Discussion Edition” in particular, and you may run out of many people who need it in the forum!

Or you can go to Facebook to find related contact groups (such as Japanese tutors, big Taipei football coaches, etc.), some clubs often have netizens to share some cases; of course, you can post the students you are looking for. Needs and information.

4. Various tutor platforms
The various types of tutoring platforms mentioned in the small series here include online teaching platforms, online media-lined teaching platforms (O2O), online pre-recorded courses, etc.; basically, it depends on the tutor’s teaching projects to decide, like Some people teach language (English, Japanese, French, German, etc.), it is suitable to use online language teaching website to find students; and if you are a fitness instructor, craftsman (handmade) teacher, DJ teacher, etc., need Face-to-face or projects that require large spaces and equipment to be suitable for teaching, may require O2O’s web platform (O2O: Online to Offline; online to offline entity services); and if you are a marketing expert or special course teacher You can even use the recorded video to submit to the website of some pre-recorded courses, and wait for the students to come to buy the class.

Therefore, in addition to choosing their own tutoring platform suitable for their own projects, novice tutors should also pay attention to the charging methods, information disclosure, security, etc. of each platform. After all, the tutors come out to take over the case, the most important thing is to be able to earn a safe profit. To the money.

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Hope everyone can be the best one!

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