Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2018

South Korea Bitcoin Market Is In Old Hands, Threats Of Ban Are Unimportant

Many investors have scared with the news of trading ban the potential crypto currency in South Korea but the people who have long experience or old hands of young market in Bitcoin have the many ways for the restrictions.


The crypto currency has lost third of its value as it is reported that Bitcoin has lost this week about $200 billion which has shocked as well as threatened many investors, a large number of investors who are new in business are worried due to this loss but some old hands in market are in search of new easy ways to get the advantage.

The days for Bitcoin currency are going bad in present time, the local exchangers in China has stopped the business of crypto currency in September which has dropped its value about 50 percent but the prices of potential currency is still very high which is reported eight-fold to about  $20,000 and South Korea is in falling crisis.

The value of Bitcoin has decreased enough which has threaten to a large number of investors while its current value is about $10,000 while according to the old hands investor that in these restrictions may be there are new ways that are easy to find and they will survive their investment.

According to a student investor in South Korea who hidden his name that with the reduction of the Bitcoin value, a one way is better that investors can go abroad to open their account, he further said that to more abroad with currency is not a big problem and this will save the investment if South Korean government shut downs the all local exchanges.

The experts said that student provided a good reason to be relaxed and it is a good way to move the digital currency worldwide.

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