Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

South Korea-US Hold Military Drills: North Korea Threatens Absolute Force

North Korean military has showed about their anger on the US army military exercises with South Korea, Pyongyang has warned the America about the to use the absolute force.


it is said by officials that these military exercises will lead the situations towards worse condition.

Routinely North Korea warns the America through their sharp words or with missile tests while now senior commanders visited the South Korea where military exercises between US and South army are going.

This is the cause of the increasing tensions are now and now Pyongyang has said that this shows the counter attack way.

The whole world is know about the clashes of these two countries, America is known as world’s most powerful country which always in a try to keep down the other states.

but now North Korea is not in calm position as many of times the country has warned the US for nuclear war which is the cause of tensions for other countries.

The tensions are rapidly increased at that time when North Korea made a successful test of intercontinental missiles, Pyongyang is growing their missiles in a very rapid speed which is the cause of increasing tensions for whole world and US has warned by them for nuclear war head many of times.

US president Donald Trump has warned the North Korea about the missile tests that if Pyongyang didn’t controls their systems about to building more missiles then American military will use the force against them and according to defense Minister of US that through this response Pyongyang will see the destruction of regime.

South Korea is teamed up with US military as both are doing the military exercises which are the cause of North’s tension, as senior generals visited the South Korea like Adm. Harry Harris who is the commander in the Pacific of U.S. forces.

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