Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Southern California Out Of Control Fire Explodes Over 50,000 acres, 27000 Flee Due To Growing Blazes

Fire has gone out of control as more than 27000 people have fled from their homes, the growing blazes because of wind, are moving toward the southern California, at least 50,000 acres has covered by the fire and massive land has burnt due to fire.


According to the officials that firefighters are trying to slow down the fire growth as due to dry conditions as well as wind, the blazes are growing which has burnt a massive land in the Ventura County.

At least 27000 people have fled their homes because of this fire which is now out of control.

The officials reported that more than 50,000 acres has burnt in Thomas as well as in on the outskirts of Los Angeles County while in north of downtown of city about at least 11000 acres are now covered with the fire.

On Monday midnight, fire picked the area when most of the people were sleeping while on Tuesday evening at least 5,000 acres was burnt near the city of Santa Clarita.

It is now out of control which is growing as due to high speed winds and dry conditions.

The weather forecasters have issued the warnings till Thursday as due to the low humidity and winds which are growing the blazes.

Authorities have issued the danger warning to the nearby areas and thousands of people have gone from there.

The fire is growing rapidly while the firefighters are trying to battle against the growing fire in Southern California due to which more than 50,000 acres has been burnt while about 27,000 people have fled to safe regions from the homes.

Till Thursday there will be danger of increase in blazes and many states are facing the record temperature.

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