Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

Sri Lankan Police Questions Who Promotes Violence Against Muslims

On 10 March, Sri Lankan police were questing to 10 suspected gang leaders of a wave of attacks on Muslims by Sinhalese Buddhists, attaining help and funding from any outer source to make it.


The police officials have taken into custody 10 suspected as well as Amith Jeewan Weerasinghe, leader of the gang on Thursday on doubt of linking attacks took place on mosques and Muslim-owned buildings in the central Kandy district by nationalist crowds.

On other side, the clashes have shot dead about two people those started on 25 February, while the Sri Lankan police are investing who are proving them funds, plans.

Whether some politicians from homeland are involved or whether the funds come from outside the country, Ruwan Gunasekara who is police spokesman said in his statement in Colombo.

Nevertheless, these ten suspected had been remanded in police custody for 14 days, while security forces have taken them in Colombo to learn who is behind the scene? It is also revealed to be that three of 10 suspected are belonging Kandy while others have bloodlines from outside the district.

Gunasekara added the attacks have damaged six properties in previous In the 24 hours, although 65 people have been taken into custody across the Kandy.

Some latest accounts from Reuters and other sources, a residence complete destroyed by fire but the family members who are owner of the apartment, left it in fear of possible assault.

Although the police officials have been facing some tensions to resist the violence at some locations as waiting for orders to go ahead, told Dayasiri Jayasekara who is spokesman for Cabinet.

Sri Lanka’s Muslims make up about 9 percent of its 21 million people and mostly live in the east and centre of the island. Buddhist Sinhalese account for about 70 percent and ethnic Tamils, most of whom are Hindus, about 13 percent.

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