Published On: Tue, Mar 27th, 2018

Steven Spielberg Reveals The Adventures Of Tintin Sequel Still In Making

Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg has made public, The Adventures of Tintin 2 undergoes making process, but the production house did not decide specific date to release the movie based on the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. 


The American filmmaker also has set all to launch filming of his upcoming fantasy- adventure Indian Jones 5, had directed the first installment The Adventures of Tintin in 2011, but this time Peter Jackson is performing directorial duties for an forthcoming sequel.

There were flying news about the sequel of the film as of the The Adventures of Tintin hit the theaters, but now the 71-year-old experienced filmmaker has confirmed that Peter Jackson is on way to present next version.

Spielberg explained in his latest interview with magazine Premiere, Jackson has set all to launch filming of second part, will be working soon on the script, added.

The animation project requires two years to entertain well, hence it may be to release after two years but not possible before that, while ‘Tintin’ is not dead!.

However, cartoonist Georges Remi created the Adventures of Tintin comics in 1929, came out as some of the most famous sagas in comic book history and now, Tintin has also become one of the most beloved comic book characters.

On other side, The Adventures of Tintin hit theaters in 2011, became one of the most-liked movies in the world, although it attained positive reviews from critics, as well received ratings of 74 percent at Rotten Tomatoes.

The deal went on drawing from the standard Raiders of the Lost Ark playbook, though Steven Spielberg brought one more spirited, thrilling adventure in the shape of Tintin, is being produced by the Kathleen Kennedy and Spielberg, Jackson.

Jackson has known for his previous ventures as The Lord of the Rings series, the sequel of Tintin, and The Hobbit films.

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