Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2018

Stop buying your new iPhones until fourth week of September

If any of you are planning to buy an iPhone for Labor Day from Apple store then wait until fourth week of September.

Stop! Don't buy a new iPhone until the fourth week of September

You will neither gain nor lose anything by acting in the next three months. Why we ask you to stop? Because Apple tends to releases its newer editions of iPhones in every September. They place them for sale in the last week of month.

To make the wait worthwhile consider this too; Apple tends to releases the models from previous years with new and upgraded features at the discounted prices as well. Just last year; Apple actually doubled the storage spaces on models like 7, 6S and 6S Plus.

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People who are going to buy mobile phones on Labor Day will only get models with 16 GB storage capacity but if wait for next three weeks; they will be able to enjoy a storage space of 32 GB.

How would you feel if you buy the same iPhone7 model at a price of 549 dollars earlier this month but in next three weeks on September 25th the same model of 64 GB storage space is of 449 dollars?

The saving price is just the topping. With this newer model, there will be lesser nagging messages.

If you buy iPhone at lesser storage space you will not be able to upgrade it unlike the Android phones that offer an extendable storage space.

This year iPhone will present 6 and 6S models at prices of 449 and 549 dollars.  Sending this much money on a model released three years ago seems a little bit stretched. So we give you an idea as to where to buy your new iPhone from. A fully loaded iPhone 6S in refurbished condition can be purchased from a website called Gazelle. They even sell old phone like 6S with 64 GB storage capacity for a low price of 239 dollars.

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