Published On: Wed, Aug 30th, 2017

Storm Will Make Landfall Again In Harvey As Houston Death Toll To Rises

Security teams has rescued a large number of residents in Texas as flood occurred in the Harvey due to heavy rains, landfall will going to occur again in Houston as storm is coming on Wednesday and according to officials, the state will take the time for improvement.

The government has issued the order to make the temporary houses for those residents who are affected due to flood, Harvey is facing the heavy rains form 6th day.

As it is said by Weather experts that on Wednesday, Storm will make another landfall which could be dangerous situation for the residents and the rescue forces are ready to fight with the natural disaster.

Thousands of the residents are moving to other save locations because with the passage of days, the situation is going to more bad as according to officials till now about 30 people have lost their lives while due to storm landfall the number of deaths could be increased and people of the Harvey are requested to leave the area for their safety.

According to the Mayor of Harvey, Sylvester Turner that their first priority is to save their people, they are trying their best to rescue their brothers.

In a news conference he said that they have no assessment about the damage and a small number of assets are saved.

After destruction in Houston, the rain with slow speed is going into southwest Louisiana which has increased the tensions of the country, many people have lost their loved ones.

The government has announced to build the houses for the residents in safe place and they ordered to leave the homes which are existed in the flood area.

The health officer said that 30 people have dead while due to storm landfall which is coming on Monday can be cause of increase in deaths.

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