Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2018

Strawberries with sewing needles inside found being sold at Woolsworth

Queensland Strawberry Growers Association suspects that the culprit behind this atrocity of hiding sewing needles inside strawberries is an ex-employ with an intention of vengeance.

Strawberry recall: Disgruntled ex-employee believed to be behind sewing needles in strawberries

The statement released by Quelled Association stated that they had a reason to believe of this specific suspect and they are still waiting on to hear about it from Queensland Police Department.

The Police officials and the Queensland Health authorities have warned the people of the area to either dispose off or return the bags for two specific bands of strawberries named Berry Licious and Berry Obsession. These two brands are sold primarily in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria region.

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According to the report for the Queensland Chief Health Officer; Dr Jeannette; these berries have come from a berry farm located in the South East region of Queensland. They are primarily sold in the Woolsworth area but could have also been sold in various other local stores as well.

Dr Young said to media,

“if they do have any berries of these brands, it is safest for them to dispose of them”.

Jennifer Rowling; the development officer for the Strawberry Association told in a statement that, this is only an isolated incident. Other brands of strawberries are safe to eat. If people are still concerned they can eat these berries after chopping them in half.

She also said,

“As far as we are concerned we are sure what our growers take pride in what they grow”.

According to Dr. Young, three incidents have been reported by police in which the victims have eaten the contaminated strawberries and suffered from severe abdominal pains.

According to Queensland’s police report,

“the intention behind this act is certainly to harm someone”.

Authorities of the three states are trying their best to apprehend this culprit as soon as possible. According to police the threat has been controlled buy them and from tomorrow on people can safely buy and eat the strawberries.

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