Published On: Sat, Mar 3rd, 2018

Student Shoots Parents, A Police Officer At US University, Searches To Arrest

The officials told media, a university student badly shot dead his parents on his school campus Friday in Michigan, the US state, while after doing this crime, ran away, though police officers are on way to arrest him.  


On other side, the police officers were informed as it happened, though they reached there and kept locked students in classrooms and dormitories till mid-afternoon, although the students told officers that the incident took place at early hours on 2 March.

Since then, security officials from Michigan State have launched strict searches to discover the 19-year-old suspected gunman as soon as possible.

When asked more from university regarding suspected gunman, learnt identity, James Eric Davis as a young student of the university, remained at large. The charged him with shooting a police officer, his father and mother inside a dormitory building.

However, police has considered the incident a family-type domestic issue, although not any other casualties were reported.

The police put lockdown hours after the 8:30 a.m. (1330 GMT) killing the college campus, located in the city of Mount Pleasant in central Michigan.

According to officials’ reports, the local law enforcement, federal and state launched strict searches minutes after the incident to find out the dangerous young student. The forces also used helicopters and police dogs in searches, told onlookers to media reporters.

Since it happens, heavily armed officers have been looking for Eric Davis by visiting all locations in the city even residents.

While students were ordered to don’t come out and to keep their doors lock. Police officers are also out of buildings to provide protection the students since at 3:00 p.m. (2000 GMT).

According to police investigation, the young killer was an occupant of near Illinois state while was attending college in Michigan.

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