Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2018

Suspect Killed And Three Officers Injured In Kansas City Shootout

A man suspected of murder and injuring three Kansas City policemen, was mortally shot at the end of a long firefight Sunday afternoon, according to police.


On Sunday before noon, secret investigators and undercover officials were investigating the case of a university student killing near US Route 40 and Interstate 435.

25-year-old Sharath Koppu was graduating from University of Missouri, Kansas City when she was murdered in a robbery previously this month. The suspected murderer was continuously escaping arrest.

Police officers found the suspect in a motel upon which he started firing at the police. Two police officers were wounded in the shootout and were hospitalised in a stable condition.

The suspect fled the scene after which his vehicle was found shortly later. On the place, he again exchanged gunfire with the police, striking another police officer. Again, the criminal escaped the scene.

He was then seen emerging from an unoccupied house where he again opened fire on the police. Later on he was shot and announced dead by the police. The suspect was not identified by the Kansas City police.

Authorities confirmed that the suspect was alone in the house and they’re not searching for any other suspects.

Police chased the suspect for approximately an hour before mortally shooting him. Highways were blocked and helicopters were deployed for the suspect’s capture.

According to the Chief of police Rick Smith, they had been searching for the suspected criminal for a week and Sunday was the first time they laid their hands on him.

The suspect was wanted for July 6 robbery, which also killed Sarath Koppu, an Indian student. Smith also mentioned that the injured officers were not seriously wounded and that they will recover soon. Law has been enforced in large areas of Kansas City, following the shooting.

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