Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Syrian Civil War: Russia And US Will Sign The Agreement To Resolve The Conflict

United States and Russia will sign the agreement that how they can resolve the conflict in the Syrian civil war after the defeat of Islamic state militant groups in the Arab countries and Donald Trump with Russian President Putin will share the strategy.


The officials told on Thursday that American president Donald Trump and Putin are nearing to sing an agreement to resolve the issues in the Arab countries.

About their civil war while after the defeat of the Islamic state militants and according to them the agreement will be stated by the both presidents on Friday in Vietnam.

America and Russia has many clashes with each other which is the cause that both countries are not organizing still now a formal meeting but on Thursday Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

Who is the press secretary of White House that may be Russian President and Donald Trump would have a informal meeting in Vietnam regarding to discuss the issues in Syria as well as how to discuss their conflict.

Future of Arab countries is going to better as the militant IS forces in the Iraq and Syria have to be diminished, the forces again are getting their areas from the terrorist group hands.

So now to fight with them is no more priority of America and now US is thinking about that how they can reduce the clashes in the Syria of rebels with the President Bashar Assad’s government.

According to officials the agreement between two governments is focusing on main three objectives while one of them is how to reduce the conflicts between Russia and United States.

They will make steps to reduce the violence in Arab countries as well as empowering the UN to make peace talks in the region.

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