Published On: Thu, Mar 8th, 2018

Syrian Military Seizes Eastern Ghouta, Civilians Trapped In Region

Syria’s government forces have taken control those locations of suburbs of Damascus, were in hold of Islamic State, while tens of thousands of civilians have been trapped in region as military put squeeze on rebels to leave territory.


The Syrian military has successfully divided the besieged commune of eastern Ghouta in two and pressurizing Islamist fighters to move away, although in this whole scenario, civilians face hard time.

However, the Syrian forces carrying aim to release the communities those have been captured by the Islamist fighters, though it happened after seven years of conflict.

However, the government forces have used intense bombing and shelling to make clear their way to initiative, but unfortunately about 800 civilians have been killed since the campaign launched in this enclave.

With that said, thick columns of smoke were seen rising towards skies from the eastern Ghouta as the government army made shelling and bombardment.

While the forces have been successful to take back control of captured town of Beit Sawa and most of Misraba, Syrian national TV reported on Wednesday.

Syria’s government forces stormed late hours militant-held enclave eastern Ghouta with association of its coalition troops and divided the region into two pieces a southern and north part, reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group.

The national forces of Syria not only sliced the region in tow, even blocked all ways from where the rebels have been receiving supplies.

The Syrian Civil Defense of opposition filmed the dramatic scenes in the town of Arbeen on Wednesday, showing rescuers removing debris and releasing a boy who was covered with dust and a baby girl too.

Dramatic videos released by the opposition’s Syrian Civil Defence on Wednesday showed rescuers digging away rubble to rescue a dust-covered little boy and a baby girl in the town of Arbeen.

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