Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2018

Taiwan Earthquake: At Least 9 Dead By Aftershocks And Many Are Missing

A powerful earthquake hit the island’s east coast on Tuesday, rescue teams are searching the missing people in the collided buildings through the rubble on Thursday and at least nine people have dead as confirmed by officials.

A deadly earthquake came on Thursday in Hualien where it shook the buildings 14 miles northeast of the coastal city, the rescuers are on the mission to recover the destroyed buildings.

Many people have recovered through the collided buildings and officials told on Thursday that more than 62 people are still missing.

The officials reported on Thursday that in the 12-story Yun Men Tsui Ti building, dozens of people are to be trapped while rescuers are trying to save them.

More than 400 rescuers are working as was reported on Wednesday by government national news agency and now death troll arises to nine along with many missing in Hualien, coastal city of Taiwan.

6.4 earthquake in island country is thought to be the one of the most deadly shook in the history which has killed many people while dozens of the people are still missing under the collided buildings.

It is reported that 500 injured people are transferred to the Hualien Gymnasium and at least 300 at the Chunghwa Primary School are receiving medical assistances.

At least eight hundred people have gone on beds because of injuries, dozens of people are still missed, and many have recovered by rescuers through the rubble.

Hualien city of coastal received earthquake on Thursday and still according to news that about nine people have lost their lives.

According to a Hualien native, Wu Ching-hua that this earthquake is not like a normal because more than 100 aftershocks came after the deadly quake on Thursday which has taken nine lives.

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