Published On: Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

Taylor Swift Lawsuit Case: Singer Is No Longer Defendant In Case Against Her By Colorado

The court Judges have thrown out the case against the world famous singer Taylor Swift, the case was filed by a former DJ in Colorado, the singer’s mother revealed the situation of her daughter in court that she felt very sick when she was uncertainly by feeling with the hands by Denver.



Ex-DJ David Mueller brought the case in Denver at the Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse, the judges announced the decision about Taylor Swift lawsuit case.

It is decided that there is no enough evidences that can prove her as guilty, the case was thrown out on Friday evening and Taylor was looking extremely happy as she was hugging her lawyers out of court and now she is no longer defendant in her case.

Taylor Swift is known as one of the best American singers in the world, she is also a song writer, she has got much fame when sang songs about her personal life.


She has received numerous awards due to her exceptional voice, she started her career at the age of 14, she has millions of fans in the world and now she is considered as one of the highest earner singers in the United States.

David Mueller is known as former KYGO radio DJ, he sued the world famous singer Taylor Swift as he was accused to groping her in Denver at her 2013 concert at a meet-and-greet event, Taylor was harassed by him during the event and he was the host at that time of Radio show.


Taylor told to her team, when this news reached to management, they fired the Mueller, he sued the Taylor for $3 million as he lost his job due to her.

The case is going in that city and he was accused that he put his hands in her skirt as well as in her butt but now court didn’t found any evidence against Taylor swift, so lawsuit case has thrown out.

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