Published On: Thu, Jul 19th, 2018

Thai Cave Rescuers Will Be Making First Public Appearance On July 18, Wednesday

The rescued 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach have recovered largely and will be given a leave from the hospital on Wednesday, July 18 after which they’re expected to hold a press conference to meet immense interests and curiosity of media in their incident, as confirmed by authorities.


The soccer team will be allotted 45-minute airing time by the national government on the program Thailand Moves Forward to hold the news conference.

Chiang Rai’s provincial hall is set as the location for filming the soccer team’s news conference program. The show will be televised on Wednesday evening at around 6p.m. local time on various TV channels.
A spokesman for Thailand’s Chief Government, Sansern Kaewkamnerd made a statement which portrays the purpose of holding the rescuee’s press conference.

It said that the conference is being held so that reporters can question them in detail, for the huge interest of public following which they can return to their previous regular lives without any disturbance from media and public.

The boys, aging 11 to 16, along with their 25 year old coach, were being treated in a hospital in the town of Chiang Rai, after they were saved last week from the flooded Tham Luang mountain cave complex, just few miles away from the Myanmar border.

The hazardous rescue operation drew media attention around the globe and dozens of journalists visited the cave to behold the dangerous rescue operation.

Thai government is concerned about the influence of rapid fame and media focus on the boys’ mental condition. And hence, Wednesday’s press conference will be managed thoroughly.

Journalists will put forward their questions and enquiries beforehand which will be looked at thoroughly by a psychiatrist.

Having received approval, the questions will be given to the boys by means of a moderator. The boys will be returning to their houses immediately after the programme, said Major Sunsern.

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